History details  

ADC Cape is the local base, the other being situated in Gauteng.  ADC has its origin from its forerunner, the South African Temperance Alliance (SATA) which was founded in 1889. Due to the flourishing farming community which became established in the platteland, a number of concerned people from all walks of life and denominations became alarmed at the ever-increasing scourge of alcohol – especially on farms.

As such, the South Africa Temperance Alliance was founded in Cradock. SATA was vigorous in its campaigning.  It produced publications; a range of literature; targeted and even enjoyed the support of a few members of parliament; made presentation at public liquor hearings; sought the banning of liquor at sporting events; campaigned vigorously against the “dop” system, etc.  SATA enjoyed support in all provinces.

In 1990 it was agreed at the Annual General Meeting that in order to keep abreast with the times due to the widespread scourge of hard drugs, the South Africa Temperance Alliance would cease to exist and from its ashes arose the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Organisations.