Mission and Vision



Our chief aim is to empower the youth in the prevention of drug experimentation and abuse by means of:

•    Educating, informing and empowering young people to live an alcohol and drug-free life.
•    Believe in themselves, irrespective of their status in life.
•    Base their life on sound value systems.
•    Be a role model to others.
•    Embrace their freedom as enshrined in the Constitution by being responsible and tolerant towards others.
•    They alone are responsible for the decisions they make and therefore must bear the consequences.

The variety of presentations catering for all ages, some portraying the realities of life if one is hooked, others dealing with those aspects which addicts have to deal with.

Let’s face it, much confusion exists amongst the youth in as far as alcohol and drugs are concerned.  Youngsters as many as 7 years old have been addicted since the 80’s.  Many who experiment believe that it is merely a once off!

The stark reality is that untold numbers get hooked for life.  Bombarded by advertisements which depict young adults as living it up – with alcohol freely flowing, billboards depicting alcohol as the ‘man’s drink’, cigarettes as being “cool”, TV shows and films flaunting sex as being groovy, cellphones being used to capture anything under the sun, etc, not to even mention peer pressure, youngsters today are prime targets for pushers, drug dealers, free sex, lurid relationships, drinks in the form alcopops, beer or hard drink, etc.

South Africa is the fastest growing drug market in the world!  Billions are spent annually at government level in an attempt to combat the trade, use, treatment of addicts, not to mention the lucrative trade numerous up-market rehabilitation center’s rake in!

Our aim at ADC is to empower those who attend a presentation with the knowledge and life skills they need in order to live a life which will make them proud citizens and parents as well as to save their life loved ones the pain, suffering, despair and possible ruin which has confronted so many already