Programmes and aims and objectives


A wide range of presentations on alcohol, drugs and smoking are available.  These can be presented at any school, youth group meeting, church, home-cell group, seminar, community group, concerned parents group, prisons, or any organisation which may be interested.

Or field workers are equipped with laptop presentations and aids to illustrate the effects and curse inflicted by alcohol, drugs smoking. Inter-action is encouraged so that participants can ask questions, during or make comments after the presentations. There are also questions and answer quizzes. Seminars and support groups can be arranged either at a venue suitable to you or at our base venue.

Yes, our Field Workers have all experienced the results of a wrong choice and have had to face the consequences.  One has been sentenced to jail on a number of occasions and became a member of the notorious 28 gang even!. Not one would wish any participants of our programmes to go through the same hell!  So they talk from experience. They will not lecture, for they know that lecturing turns youngsters off, they will not even try to teach participants about drugs simply because many know as much as what they do, or worse, no, they will discuss the relevant issues surrounding alcohol and drugs and smoking on a one-to-one basis. They want to engage in real discussion instead of preaching about a long list of do’s and don’ts, because they want the best for each participant. Simply call our centre, make an appointment for a Field Worker to visit and discuss what ADC has to offer.  Admittedly we do not have all the answers nor a quick-fix solution, but they can and will make a difference!. And after a presentation be quite candid when filling in an assessment form on what your opinion was of the presentation and the manner in which it was presented.  If you feel there can very well be a follow-up programme, we would love to be of service.

Remember, we are but a call away!