Dangers of Smoking         

A video of the harmful effects of smoking.    

Tobacco is a plant that contains a drug called nicotine. All Grades.


Dangers of Drug and Alcohol Abuse for Kids


In this episode Nicolas and Marla talk about drug and substance abuse issues:

● Be a winner with our cool video game about living responsibly and making the right choices.
● Meet Sgt. Williams who tells us about three harmful substances that will prevent you from being the very best that you can be.
● Find out why it really matters how you choose to approach a problem and how you think about it.

It's a Fact! is an empowering and informative Caribbean animated series for children.    

Knowsley Healthy Schools Team and the Youth Service worked with pupils from two primary schools in Huyton to produce this fantastic cartoon animation. It's aimed at youg children to raise awarenss of the dangers of drugs and alcohol.  


"I'm Only Me if I'm Drug Free" by Carly Johnson, Vids 4 Kids 2013

Music "Kalimba" used with permission by Mr. Scruff."


Dangers of Drug and Alcohol abuse for Adults      

What Drugs Do In Your Body (Drugs Documentary)     


There are growing concerns about the number of teenagers becoming hooked on a new heroin-based drug in South Africa.

Drug-related crime has been soaring in the county and affected communities have called on the government to do more to tackle the issue.